Taking the Rodeo Industry by the Horns
In the Saddle
WCRA approached Praxent as a partner to build an app that allows rodeo competitors to win money competing in parallel to traditional competition. Additionally, they were seeking branding guidance to establish when they went to market. I led design on both efforts ranging from UI/UX to video.
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The Timeline
With only a few months to get an app to launch, our small team worked diligently with the WCRA crew to identify an MVP to go to market in time for a huge rodeo event in Las Vegas. By identifying key features and working in high velocity sprints, we managed to get the app to market under budget and with time to spare.
Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.
The quick turnaround didn't afford much time for sophisticated user research or testing. Fortunately, the client had domain-knowledgable stakeholders that provided feedback along the way.

Leveraging Sketch, Craft and Invision, I was able to quickly provide updates in real time in meetings with the client to resolve potential issues with the design.
Marketing the App
In addition to the actual app, WCRA needed a site to help promote the platform, provide news and explain how it works. I designed a Wordpress site that'd be easy for the client to update and for us to develop quickly to meet a tight deadline.
Making the Cut
The client approached Praxent about creating a video asset to use to promote to cowboys and girls at an event. As a software development shop, we aren't boasting video capabilities.

In efforts to over deliver for the client, I took on the job. Working with working knowledge of After Effects, I took the visual design and branding I created for the app to inform the video and reinforce WCRA in motion.