Creating "Profit from Software"
20 Years in the Making
After starting Praxent in his college dorm room nearly 20 years ago, the CEO of Praxent led the company as a traditional web development shop. With a new modern landscape, he saw the need to include Design as a key offering to the business. Thus, the old branding of Praxent was obsolete and too tailored to development. Myself and our design team embarked on creating this new voice for Praxent. I was the primary brand development designer.
Praxent branding waves
I introduced the waves as a unique branding identifier for Praxent as reference to the ambiguity of software development and the undulations which occur in its undertaking. At Praxent, we take away the uncertainty and help clients understand the flow.
Icons & Illustrations
To further a unique identity for Praxent in the software development consultancy space, I crafted illustrations to instill a feeling of simplicity and friendliness.
Praxent logo
Praxent logo
Putting it All Together
Branding is a moving process with no destination. It reflects the headspace of the company and evolves over time. To keep track, I designed our brand guide to help other Praxenters understand not only how to use the brand, but the thinking behind it. Otherwise, we wouldn't be empowering the team with confidence in its own identity.