Writing, Producing & Branding an EP
Creating an Expression
I got my first guitar when I was twelve years old. Since then, I've been writing and recording music. In March 2018, I launched an EP with help of friend and very talented producer, Taylor Anderson, of Titan Audio. The whole experience was an incredible creative exercise stemming from music to video.
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The Release
In March of 2018, I organized an EP release party at the awesome Austin Winery. For the event, I screen printed posters and made an EP release video that encouraged me to take on After Effects to create a visual component to the music. A big shout out goes to Chris Wiley for aiding in actualizing my intro concept with his photography.
Other Assets
Photo credit: Brittany Hallberg
Straight to Vinyl
The whole process of writing, recording and releasing the EP culminated with producing 30 vinyl records and getting them into Waterloo Records in downtown Austin. Even if this was as far as Pala ever went, I am very proud of the hours put into the music and what producing an EP has taught me.