Streamlining a services app in clutch city.
Legacy Modernization
The Houston Area Safety Council is a premier training and clinic provider for industries like energy that require workers to have specific qualifications to work on-site in dangerous environments. Created over 10 years ago, the original app ran in flash and was in desperate need of modernization. I led design on the new desktop interface to improve UX and keep HASC competitive in its space. Designers Doug Cooper and Victor Rodriguez contributed in its later phases.
The Issues
After our user researcher conducted an in-depth heuristics evaluation, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the app. Primarily, a lot of user goals were hampered by clunky flows and ux. Additionally, the main services of HASC were split into two apps: HASC ExtraNet and HASC Xnet.

By talking to users about what they like and don't like about the app and consolidating the functionality into one streamlined interface, we sought to eliminate the old issues and provide a new and improved experience to their client base.
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Stakeholder Insight
When we got to Houston to garner insight from HASC team members, we quickly learned that there was no canonical understanding of how the new app should be. We underwent card sorting exercises with the team to form alignment on a direction.
Maximizing UX With New IA
The HASC team was well aware of issues with their previous app and we worked with them to create a better information architecture for their users. I created an early site map to visualize the structure of the app itself.
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Of course, we needed to ensure our thinking was on the right path. I created low fidelity wireframes of every screen in the app so that our team and the HASC team could begin to visualize the tool.
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Custom Iconography
I created a batch of customized icons for the tool since generic libraries couldn't quite hit the nail on the head.
And of Course, the UI
HASC High fidelity screens